The Birth of the Minerva Salve

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On Monday I had a pleasant visit with "my other daughter". My other daughter is my daughters best friend. I've known her since the girls were in 5th or 6th grade and watched her grow up. She's a very beautiful girl but she suffers from eczema something awful. About a year ago she came for a visit and her eczema outbreak was so bad that her skin was red, cracked and bleeding. She then proceeded to tell me that the Doctor she was going to had her on all kinds of medicines from creams to pills to shots even. I couldn't stand by and let her suffer like she was. so I pulled out the herbs, oils, and beeswax and an hour or so later the Minerva salve was born. She used the salve as soon as it was cooled and almost instantly the itching had stopped. She continued to the use the salve and after a weeks time came back for another visit and her skin was looking soooo much better. 

Now fast forward to Monday, she's still been using the salve all this time. Her skin has cleared up and she hasn't had any eczema breakouts or flareups. She told us that on her last Dr.'s visit that her Dr asked her what cream she had been using on her skin and she told them about the Minerva salve. To her dismay, her Dr told her that if she breaks out again that the salve is the cause. This upset her and her little attitude came out and  she told her Dr. she'd been using the salve for months now and not only has she not had a breakout but that her skin was healing. 

Seems her youngish doctor is one of those who is a very strong believer in if it's not a chemically made or modified pharmaceutical that comes from the Pharmaceutical companies then it can't possibly work. Consequently my husband has been to this doctor before too and she gave him a funny look when he added Elderberry syrup to his list of things taken on a regular basis. 

Now I'm not knocking the Medical profession here at all but The field of medicine isn't what it use to be. With advancements in medical technology the medical profession is doing things that we could only imagine 100 years ago and in some cases even less than that. There are pharmaceuticals for everything these days that help us live longer. However, with all the wonderful leaps and bounds that medicine has made there is a huge downside. The medical profession as a whole has forgotten their roots. 

For centuries herbs have been used to heal and in all honesty they still are. Every time you reach for the aspirin for a headache or take your blood pressure pill that pills' main ingredient is herb based although it has been seriously chemically altered. Which is why on every new drug commercial we have a list of harmful  side effects which are way worse than the problem they're trying to treat, and who really wants to take that risk ?

The Pharmaceutical company's job is to keep people sick to some degree because there is no money to be made from people who are healthy. which brings me to our lovely Doctors. Back in the day, before my time in fact, Doctors use to make house calls and would sometimes use old fashion remedies like poultices and sometimes things we would seriously question in today's society. House calls were made for two reasons, The first being that most people didn't own vehicles and lived outside of the towns on farms. The second reason was because it was believed, and still should be, that in order for a doctor to properly treat a patient they needed to see what their home life and living environment was like. Visiting someones home when they were ill gave the doctor a better insight as to what may be the root cause of the illness.  

One thing that i remember as a kid was that my grandfather always had a bottle of Iodine on hand for cuts and scrapes. To be honest I'm not even sure they sell Iodine anymore and I know it's not usually mentioned by Doctors at all. 

The medical schools now a days don't teach the pre-med students about herbs unless they specialize in such things after they've finished their regular doctorate in medicine, as medicinal herbs are now treated as a specialized field known as holistic medicine which because of the pharmaceutical companies is pretty much dismissed as ineffective. It's funny how Holistic medicine is most often frowned upon by the medical field as a whole when in reality holistic practices have been proven to be more effective than not in some cases. With that said, even I would go to the hospital or the doctor for any serious ailment. 

In fact, with any of my salves and other herbal concoctions I always recommend that customers ALWAYS consult their primary care physician before using any herbal products. While most of the products we make and sell are safe and the herbs are not uncommon some of the herbs may interfere with some medications.     



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