The Magick of Herbs

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Herbs have been used since early man for everything from curing illness to flavoring culinary masterpieces. We use herbs in our everyday lives without even thinking about why we use them or what their original purpose actually is. 

Now that I have you curious, let's start with some of our basic herbs that everyone has in their spice cabinet. We will start with Basil, Everyone loves basil, we use it to flavor our pasta dishes, make pesto out of, and it is used in many other dishes as well. This herb is a prized herb of Italians everywhere and a favorite for those of us who love to garden. What you didn't know about Basil is that it is actually a Medicinal Herb. Basil is used as an antidepressant, antifungal, antioxidant, and antispasmatic, Basil is also used as a mood enchancer and a calmative to help soothe the nerves, and to promote mental clarity. It's aslo used in many skin care products, as a natural insect repellent ( although my ants love to take up residence in my Basil Planter), and it is used in aromatherapy. 

As you can see, Just Basil alone has many other uses and benefits. Will Basil ever cure cancer? probably not. However, those pesky Danedilions that pop up in your yard every spring, Now those guys actually help fight cancer and help to cure it. 

Dandelion roots contains bitter principals that have a tonic effect on the liver and digestive system. It's a gentle laxitive and a natural diuretic that is rich in potassium. This detoxifying, diuretic action aslo earns dandelion a place in weight loss management. The Dandelion root also contains sugars and starches easily assimilated by diabetics and can be incorporated into a diet that is meant to help control blood sugar levels.  Well that's great for diabetics and people who need help loosing weight, but how does this help fight cancer? That's easy. The bitter principals in the danelion root get the digestive juices flowing and detoxifies the liver and kidneys. This is very important as the liver and kidneys are what help our body filter out toxins and polutants and they can get over loaded with toxins which then causes us to become sick. The Detoxifying properties of the Dandelion root Help our digestive system to rid the body of toxins easier, which in turn helps fight cancer. 


These two examples of herbs are part of the Magick of herbs. The Greek Philosopher, Hippocrates, once said " Let food be thy Medicine and medicine be thy food". He couldn't have been more right, mainly because for very illness mother nature has provided a cure you just need to know where to look. 


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