Pendulum Necklaces

Pendulum Necklaces

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Our Pendulum Necklaces are both beautiful and functional. Wear as fashionable stone jewelry or use as a pendulum.  Each stone has it's own special properties. 

Choose from Chrysoprase, lepodolite,  or blood stone

Each necklace comes with a 24" gold plated chain. 

Chrysoprase : This stone is a pale greenish color with reddish to purple flecks. Chrysoprase is used to help with fluent speech, forgiveness,  mental dexterity,  detoxification. It also helps with ailments of the blood, pain, arthritis, rheumatism. Its said to promote love, truth, and optimism aswell as helping to induce a deep meditative state. 


Lepodolite : This stone is a beautiful prism of purple. Lepodolite is the stone of transition. It opens all the chakras and brings about cosmic awareness and calmness. Lepodolite assists is shamanic or spiritual journeying, and accesses the Akashic record 


Blood Stone: This stone is a deep green sometimes with deep red flecks. Bloodstone is used to ward off evil, controlling the weather, and as an audible oracle that gives the wearer a warning of danger. Bloodstone is also an excellent healing stone and promotes strength and has been used as a blood purifier and to prevent miscarriages. 


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