Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

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This wonderful classic is a must have for both skin care and your first aid kit. Our Witch Hazel is all organic and is a great natural toner to add to your face care regimen aswell as to have on hand for bug bites and to help reduce fever. 

White Witch Hazel is a milder Witch Hazel and is a distilled process when making. White Witch hazel is what most people are use to finding in stores.

Red Witch Hazel is a stronger form of witch hazel and has a deep reddish color. The reddish color does not stain the skin in any way and can be used like you would the white witch hazel. Red Witch hazel is a more traditional method of making the witch hazel tonic we all know and love

Both deliver excellent results both as a toner and for bug bites and to help reduce fevers. 


Both come in 4oz sizes. 

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